Rhett Smith 81: Making Your Marriage a Priority in a Culture of Busyness — Assessing Marital Drift and Strategies to Keep Your Marriage on Course

rsp81Last week I had the privilege of speaking to one of my favorite groups…MOPS. In this case it was the MOPS group at First Baptist Frisco which is an awesome group I have had the opportunity to speak to before (as well as their MOMSnext group). And as I was thinking about what topic to speak to them about, I started thinking about what season of life most of these moms find themselves in. It’s tiring. It’s busy. There is lots of new expectations, and that can sometimes be coupled with depression or anxiety. And in the midst of this, there is a marital relationship that they are trying to navigate along with all the challenges of being a new mom, or adding more kids to the family. And they might be in a marriage where their spouse is or isn’t engaged in not only the life of the new baby and kids, but may or may not be engaged in the marriage as well.

That being said, it’s a crucial time for marriages. And a lot of marriages tend to drift during this season, and those who are lucky course correct, and those who aren’t, continue to drift apart further and further over the years. But what I have found in healthy marriages, especially ones who navigate this season successfully, is that it’s not about luck, but rather about two people committed to working together to see their marriage grow in an intentional way.

So in this episode:

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Resources and People Mentioned in Episode
Corey Allan — Marital Drift Assessment
The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni
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  1. by Autumn Fiore Palm on December 5, 2016  2:36 pm Reply

    This was a great podcast, Rhett!!! I think as we get ready to end 2016 and enter a new year, this is a great resource for couples to take stock of their marriage and set goals for the new year, and perhaps include some new practices to reset their marital course!!

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