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  • Restoration Therapy: The Process of Working With Anxious People

  • Working with Anxious Clients There are a lot of ways that one can work with anxious people, but I have found over the years a very helpful process that I would like to share with you. With any process it's best that you make it your own and use what is helpful to you, and discard what is not. Also, processes have a way of not always moving in a linear direction, so what I have to share with you m[...]
  • Restoration Therapy: Anxiety and the Bible

  • Reframing The Meaning of Anxiety in the Bible "I am here, in your office to see you because I didn't feel like there was anyone else I could talk to about my anxiety." I hear some form of this statement quite often in my office. And it most frequently comes from someone who is a Christian, who feels like it is emotionally unsafe to talk about their anxiety in the context of their church [...]