Short…Simple…Quick…Easy to Implement.

If someone asks me about trying to use Patrick Lencioni’s book, The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family…the above phrase is usually what I say. And it’s true.

Last week I started my five-part series on this book, and today is the final post.

Usually when I do a parenting class or workshop, or talk with a family about this strategy in therapy, here is my overview of it for them. Hopefully the following will help you see the importance of each question, what’s involved in answering it, and the time commitment it takes.

First, read or listen to the book.

Time Commitment: 2 hours

Second, answer Question #1: What makes your family unique?

“If you don’t know what differentiates your family from others, you won’t have a basis for making decisions, and you’ll try to be all things to all people.” (pp. 179)

Tasks: Identify Core Values and Develop a Strategy (i.e. statement)

Time Commitment: 2 hours or less

Third, answer Question #2: What is your family’s top priority–rallying cry–right now?

“You need to know what the single most important objective is for your family over the next two to six months. Without a top priority, everything becomes important and you end up reacting to whatever issues seem urgent that day. (pp. 179)

Tasks: Identify a Rallying Cry and Develop Defining and Standard Objectives

Time Commitment: 1 hour or less

Fourth, answer Question #3: How do you talk about and use the answers to these questions?

“If you answer the first two questions but don’t use those answers in daily, weekly, and monthly decision-making, it will yield no benefits.”

Tasks: Commit to a Meeting and Make the Answers to the Questions Visible

Time Commitment: 10-15 minutes a week

Your Investment

  • Set aside 5 hours (probably less) of your time to work on this and implement the entire process.
  • Commit to 10-15 minutes a week of meetings

Your Return

  • Less stress
  • Focus
  • Improved communication
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Accomplished Goals
  • Teamwork
  • Etc.

How much more simple could it get?

You just have to want to stop the frantic pace of your family life enough to actually take the steps forward.

Start today.