RSP40In the previous podcast episode I talked about just how life transforming the Pain and Peace Cycle work have been to my life both personally and relationally. Ever since I learned these tools when I went on staff at The Hideaway Experience in 2010 I have continued to use them in all the work I do. I use them with clients. I use them with church staff. I use them with corporate organizations. And in all cases I see lives being transformed and I get good feedback about them.

The Pain and Peace Cycle were created by Terry Hargrave and can be found in his book Restoration Therapy where he talks at length and in depth about this model. Because I have found this model and these tools to be so helpful, I spent this last year in training with Terry Hargrave and became a Level II Certified therapist in Restoration Therapy.

So in the previous episode I talk about the Pain Cycle, and in this episode I want to focus on the Peace Cycle. If the Pain Cycle is the negative pattern we create over time between our feelings and coping, then the Peace Cycle is about the positive pattern we create over time between our truth and actions. These two patterns comprise a different way of being in relationship with yourself and others. It’s simply one of the best models out there, especially for couples and marriage.

In this episode I explore:

  • what the Peace Cycle consists of
  • what it means to connect to your truth
  • how to identify your truth in the Peace Cycle
  • 3 sources of finding our truth
  • what it means to act out of your truth
  • how to identify your truth in the Peace Cycle
  • theological examples of being in a Peace Cycle

If you want to work through this at home, here is the initial Peace Cycle homework that I give my clients and others to work through. It’s a pretty simple sheet to work on, so check it out.

Identifying and Practicing Your ‘Peace Cycle’

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Restoration Therapy
Terry Hargrave
Marriage Strong
Sharon Hargrave
The Hideaway Experience
Mark 1:9-11
Genesis 32-33
Henri Nouwen

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Plano, TX. I specialize in relationships, both marriage and non-marital, as well as working with individual men and women, and adolescent boys. Some of the topics that I specialize in are anxiety, depression, transitions, spiritual issues, and all forms of relational struggles. I am the author of the books The Anxious Christian, and What it Means to be a Man. Check out my weekly podcast where I interview guests and cover a lot of these same topics.

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