Executive Coach

Creating well-differentiated leaders who excel at the highest level.

At Marriott we are invested in our people. Our TakeCare Wellbeing program is a testament to our culture and commitment to taking care of our associates. TakeCare consists of three distinct pillars: Me, You + Me, and We. I was searching for a unique personal development opportunity for my Leadership and Support team. Rhett created a customized program that met my goals and exceeded expectations. He presented thought provoking perspectives, simple tools and multiple resources for each person to live their best in mind, body and career. By focusing on the “Me” pillar my team found their relationships both inside and outside thriving.

Toni Cummins

South Central Group Sales General Manager, Marriott

Rhett has been an invaluable partner for me and the organization I lead. Individually, he has coached me through very difficult situations, while helping me stay calm and focused on action. And through some group sessions, he has helped many of our team members harness their anxiety as a catalyst for growth.

Josh Ramsey

Corporate Director, Customer Care, Hilton


Organizations function like a family system, and it is with this mindset that I am able to help you and your organization create change. Over the last 20 years I have been speaking in organizations, working with and counseling leaders, and utilizing my training as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Executive Coach to bring about transformation to organizations, leaders and their relationships.

If you are an executive or lead an organization, contact me so we can discuss how I can best help you.

Below are just a few of the organizations that I have spoken, taught, and worked with.

My own understanding of the fact that leadership is essentially an emotional process rather than a cognitive phenomenon, and my awareness of the vital importance of well-differentiated leadership for the functioning and survival of institutions…

Edwin Friedman

A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix