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At Marriott we are invested in our people. Our TakeCare Wellbeing program is a testament to our culture and commitment to taking care of our associates. TakeCare consists of three distinct pillars: Me, You + Me, and We. I was searching for a unique personal development opportunity for my Leadership and Support team. Rhett created a customized program that met my goals and exceeded expectations. He presented thought provoking perspectives, simple tools and multiple resources for each person to live their best in mind, body and career. By focusing on the “Me” pillar my team found their relationships both inside and outside thriving.
Toni Cummins

South Central Group Sales General Manager, Marriott

Rhett Smith’s compelling presentation style allows him to connect with those he serves both because of his expertise and his passionate belief that everyone can learn to live life in a more healthy and successful way. Both as a presenter and a coach, he meets people where they are and gives skills to not only understand themselves more, but also connect to those around them in a more effective and meaningful way. His work will not only change who people are professionally, but also who they are with their family members, friends and close relationships.
Sharon Hargrave

Executive Director of Boone Center for the Family, Pepperdine University


I am both a Certified Executive Coach and Licensed Therapist, therefore, making me unique in that I am a clinically trained executive coach — bridging the worlds of both theory and practice in a powerful way. 

My areas of specialty are in critical internal personal competencies such as mental acuity, emotional wellness, physical energy and spiritual centeredness. I also addresses the area of marital enrichment and healthy relationships so that leaders can thrive both in their organization and at home.

As a speaker and author, I have presented keynotes, training seminars, and workshops for companies, schools, churches and a variety of other organizations.

I live in McKinney, TX with my wife Heather and our two children. I also love to explore the outdoors camping, trail running and mountain biking, and leading marriage adventure retreats with my wife.  As a Certified RRCA Running Coach I also love to help leaders engage running and other athletic performance as a tool for successful leadership.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Executive Coaching, or would like to set up an initial consultation call to see how I can help you.

My own understanding of the fact that leadership is essentially an emotional process rather than a cognitive phenomenon, and my awareness of the vital importance of well-differentiated leadership for the functioning and survival of institutions…
Edwin Friedman

A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix

Rhett Smith is someone we have heavily relied upon to help our staff grow in their personal and professional development. He has worked with a large number of our staff and we consistently hear incredibly positive feedback of how much Rhett has helped them on their journey. I highly recommend Rhett and his ability to help people get to the point of their best selves.
Broc Jahnke

Lead Care and Support Pastor, Hope Fellowship

Rhett has been an invaluable partner for me and the organization I lead. Individually, he has coached me through very difficult situations, while helping me stay calm and focused on action. And through some group sessions, he has helped many of our team members harness their anxiety as a catalyst for growth.
Josh Ramsey

Corporate Director, Customer Care, Hilton