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Shutting Down Boy’s Emotions

m currently working on an article for the Fuller Youth Institute on boys and emotions — more specifically how we as a culture tend to sabotage boy’s emotions — making it unsafe for them to express[…]

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Men’s Disconnect with Vulnerability and Connection

The above is a quote from Chapter 8 in my new book (coming out May 1) What it Means to be a Man: God's Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes. Vulnerability is one of the major themes that has emerged over the last 18 years in my work with men. Many men want...

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Grandiosity: Terrence Real on Working with Men in Therapy

To understand the importance of leverage, you have to understand grandiosity, especially male grandiosity. Therapy and self-help have mostly focused on helping people come up from a one-down position of shame. But we don’t really talk much about what it means to help people come down from the one-up position of grandiosity. This is really pivotal in terms of working with men, because they typically tend to lead from the one-up, grandiose position, while women present in the more one-down, victim position.

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Fathers, What Kind of Energy Do You Pass on to Your Sons?

"When a father tells a child that he can do something, he can do it. I don't know why that is, except to say that there is some mysterious energy that passes from the male to his children. It is some sort of creative energy that can make things be when they are not,...

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Why Men Need To Identify And Develop Their Emotions

"Helping boys and men learn how to be both tender and tough, strong and bighearted, is a new ideal that will take some time to digest. But, having worked with men day in and day out for decades, I know from experience that they can reclaim the language of...

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Can Depression Offer Us a Gift?

In Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul, he writes eloquently about the gift that depression may offer people. It's an opportunity to embrace emotions that we often don't deal with, leading us to a better understanding of ourselves and how we want to direct our life....

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