I have always been a fan of breath work, especially in the way that it has not only been so helpful for my own life and the anxiety that I have struggled with — but I have literally seen it change the people’s lives that I work with.

Breath work is integral to our ability to emotionally regulate — to stay calm and connected, not only with ourselves, but with others.

In this episode I explore:

  • the book that really shifted my belief in breath work
  • some tools that I recommend for breath work
  • my 110 day experiment with taping my mouth shut at bedtime
  • helpful apps to practice breath work
  • why breath work is so critical.
  • how my anxiety levels decreased drastically and my sleep increased drastically.
  • varying breath work methods I used in my running and weight lifting training.


Here are some of the Things/People that I mention in this episode:


Link to Podcast Episode 135