It’s been a long time since I have done a podcast. About a year actually.

I was on a break for awhile, just reading, researching, writing and focusing on other kinds of work. I had nothing new to add to the conversation so thought I would hit pause.

But in light of COVID-19 and how it has caused all of us to look at some things in a new way, it has also really caused a spike in people’s mental health struggles…from anxiety to depression, and beyond.

In this episode I wanted to keep it simple and just focus on the four pillars of self-care, which is why I started this podcast about 3 years ago. It is more critical than ever that we are being mindful of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities, as they are often the key to help up regulate our emotional reactivity…allowing us to show up in our not only our own lives…but the lives of those around us (family, friends, neighbors, community) in a way that is life-giving. And we need more than ever to be people that breathe life into those we are around.

Link to Episode 124