Sometimes I have thoughts that I have been processing and I just want to explore out loud with others. In this case, the others is you. So in this episode I explore what it looks like to wrestle with taking the next step in your life, and how you discern what the next step is. Though this could be the case for many things, I mainly look at the next step in terms of work, vocation, hobby, etc, rather than relationships for example.

In my counseling practice in Plano, TX I work with a lot of individuals and couples and families who are trying to do this very thing…explore their next steps.

So in this episode I lay out a tentative, in the process…working framework of:

  • exploration/experimenting
  • committing and refining
  • doing the work/putting in the hours/mastering the craft
  • letting go
  • and being open

Check out this episode and let me know what you think.

Link to Episode 99