A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues and I at Thriiive Practices did a lecture for the Meadow’s lecture series on emotional regulation.

What is emotional regulation? It’s essentially one’s ability to control or manage their automatic, reactive responses to an emotional trigger, and instead, respond accordingly (and in a healthy manner). That is my definition of sorts, though I say it a lot of different ways. My mentor Terry Hargrave in my training for Restoration Therapy said at one point to our training group, “emotional regulation is the name of the game.” And it is. As you look at the mounting research on the brain, especially through fMRI scans and other data, we find that one’s ability to emotionally regulate themselves is the key to healthy relationships. If you want a more thorough definition, read this.

Or if you want a really good, but simple understanding of it, check out Dan Siegel’s demonstration of his strategy of name it to tame it. I’ve also written about this strategy here.

In this episode I talk about what emotional regulation is and why it’s so important.

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Resources Mentioned in Episode

Terry Hargrave
Restoration Therapy
Dan Siegel
Tina Payne Bryson
The Whole Brain Child