RSP90This week’s episode is somewhat of a continuation of Episode 89 where I reflected on the role of Lent in helping us process pain and suffering, and as a time to work through trauma. That is, Lent is a period of remembering that is important for us if we are to work through our suffering.



In this week’s episode I discuss some ways that communities can create a safe space during Lent to process pain and suffering. In this episode I discuss:

  • Making it safe to discuss the hard issues such as death, suicide, anxiety, depression, loss, etc.
  • The importance of not giving easy answers (if any at all) to people’s pain and suffering.
  • Learning to sit in in one’s pain, in silence, together.
  • The role of rituals and symbolism in the healing process.
  • The boundary between bearing other’s burdens, but also giving them the space to work through their own “stuff.”


Link to Episode 90