RSP74So if your day was anything like my wife and I’s yesterday, it involved walking our kids into their first day of school this year. My daughter starts 4th grade, and my son starts Kindergarten. And like many of you, we are in a new transition as we begin a new school year. One filled with excitement, anxieties, fears, joys, ups and downs, and all kinds of emotions in between there.

After dropping my kids off at school I spent some time thinking about this particular transition in life and about all the kids I have had the privilege to work with over the last 20+ years…sometimes as a camp counselor, youth pastor, and therapist. And one of the things that I thought about the most was all the expectations we have as parents when our kid starts off a new school year. Sometimes our expectations are appropriate ones, and other times if we are honest with ourselves, the expectations might have more to do with us, than our kids. But guess what, our kids also start off the school year with expectations of their own, but I wonder how much we stop and talk to them about that.

So in today’s episode I share a few things that I have found to be helpful in my work with kids and their families, as well as in my own life. Some things I feel we do a pretty good job of, and other things are a work in progress. But isn’t parenting always that way…just when you think you have something figured out, it all changes. So in this episode I discuss:

  • Being honest with your own expectations as a parent.
  • Talking with your kids about their expectations.
  • The importance of building connection with your kids and some ways to do it this school year.
  • The importance of spending time wisely and some suggestions of how to create that.
  • The importance of risk taking and failure in our kid’s development.

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