RSP67 Sunday was Father’s Day. And like Mother’s Day…it can bring up all kinds of emotions for people. Positive emotions. Negative Emotions. Feelings of joy and happiness, or anger and fear, as well as loss. And that’s just to name a few. I am very thankful that I have a very amazing father. I posted on Instagram just all that he has meant to me, especially when I take into consideration that my mom died from breast cancer when I was 11, and my dad became a single parent to two boys. And the longer I am a parent, the more thankful that I am. This is my experience, but as I wrote at the outset, days like these can bring up all kinds of feelings for people. And so as I mention in this podcast episode, I want to acknowledge that.

In light of Father’s Day this last week I want to talk about 3 important life giving messages that I first wrote about in my book, What It Means to Be a Man. In Chapter 3 on Fathering I quote Larry Crabb from his book The Silence of Adam. Crabb writes:

“A godly father speaks three messages to his son: 1. ‘It can be done. 2. You’re not alone. 3. I believe in you.'”

Those 3 messages have been messages that have changed my life, and were ones that not only my dad instilled in me growing up, but ones that my mother did as well.

And though I initially wrote this for a men’s book, and we are coming off Father’s Day, I want to say loud and clear, that these messages aren’t limited to father’s and sons. These are messages that all people can speak to one another. Parent to child. Spouse to Spouse. Colleague to Colleague. We all desire to know these truths, and we should count it a gift if someone in our lives have spoken these things to us.

But here is your opportunity. You have the ability to speak these 3 messages (or your own version of them) to those people in your life who so desperately need to know these things. And even if they don’t desperately need to per se, we all desire to hear these things spoken to us.

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So in this episode:

  • I talk about these 3 messages and what they mean.
  • I encourage you to think about those people around you who need to hear this message.
  • I challenge you to go out this week and speak these messages to those people.

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Resources and Links Mentioned in the Episode

What it Means to be a Man: God’s Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes by Rhett Smith

The Silence of Adam: Becoming Men of Courage in a World of Chaos by Larry Crabb

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