RSP60Over the course of the last 3 years I have really been experimenting with my diet. That is to day, I have been adding and subtracting certain foods that I consume, and then I pay attention to see what the results yield. And it’s because of this experimentation that I have really been arriving at a place where I have noticed just how drastically the right food can improve my overall healthy, fitness and relationships.

I once heard someone say that change begins with what’s on your plate. And without going into other ideas I have about that (especially theologically), I agree that as humans, what we put into our body affects so much of who we are and the experiences we have.

This started several years ago when I decided to just give skim milk up on a whim and switch over to almond milk. I haven’t looked back as I noticed immediate changes in how I felt. It soon followed with giving up cheese, and then dairy. And then I started giving up more and more meat, and adding more and more vegetables. Somewhere along the way I introduced a daily green smoothie into the mix, and this last Lent I gave up meat for 55 days. All these experiments have impacted me in some very positive ways, and I have seen the ramifications in how my diet has affected my fitness (especially my running), my relationships (especially with my wife and kids), and just my overall health (I haven’t been sick or had a cold in probably over 3 years).

So I’m interested to see what happens to your life when you begin to experiment with your diet. I’m not a licensed dietitian or medical doctor, so make sure you consult them first when making any changes that might negatively impact your health. But also realize that we are responsible to be good stewards of our lives, and that includes our physical bodies…so do the research because the information is everywhere. And then try eliminating and adding various things from your diet and see what happens.

In this episode:

  • I explore the importance of being responsible for your food choices and health.
  • I talk about my experience with giving up milk, cheese and then dairy.
  • I talk about giving up meat for 55 days and what that experience was like.
  • I talk about the importance of not getting bogged down and shaming yourself when you make bad food choices..but start again fresh the next day.
  • I talk about how you can begin to experiment with your diet.

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