RSP12This episode was definitely a Rhett Smith Podcast first. My brother-in-law Drew Sams and I went for a long 10 mile trail run earlier in the day, and spent our recovery time hanging outside in his backyard jacuzzi. And so we decided to just record the conversation there. So you are going to hear some helicopters and sirens in the background…and we are a bit delirious by the end of the podcast (I guess two hours in a jacuzzi isn’t that smart when you are tired).

But this is a great episode and we explore a lot of interesting things. I first met Drew back in 2001 when he was a USC senior and I had just taken the position of college ministry intern at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Drew and I became really good friends that senior year of his, eventually leading my wife and I (then girlfriend) to set her sister and him up on a blind date. That blind date turned into marriage in 2006. And throughout the years our paths have crossed in other ways as well, whether at Fuller Theological Seminary, or both being on staff at the same time at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Drew completed his Master of Divinity at Fuller, and then studied under Len Sweet at George Fox University, receiving a Doctorate of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies.

Drew is a fascinating guy (and I’m not just saying that since we are related now) with a lot of interests. He loves being outdoors and is an avid surfer and snowboarder. He also loves to try new hobbies, usually with a passion that leads to him turning that hobby into quite the craft. As we talk about in the podcast, Drew has become quite the coffee connoisseur, which has helped lead him in some really interesting directions of hospitality. He also has become quite the beer maker over the last 5 years as well, winning several first places in the Los Angeles County Fair in 2012 and 2013. as well as an invite to the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, where he helped create a beer (Sleight of Hand) that sold in stores nationally. He created a great entry video called My Grandfather’s Stopwatch. You can check it out here and then scroll to the class of 2012.

In this podcast we explore:

  • Albert Borgmann’s device paradigm
  • the importance of being engaged in process and not just final outcome.
  • how Drew’s love of coffee and beer making helped him create space for hospitality.
  • ways that people can engage in process and make space for hospitality in their lives.

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Resources Discussed in the Show

Albert Borgmann’s device paradigm

Closer to the Ground by Dylan Tomine

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp (look at Drew’s video in 2012 group)