RSP11 We all live in a very busy, very fast paced culture. And in our constant hurry it is often our self-care that goes by the wayside. We stop taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, often finding ourselves in a worse predicament than when we began. In this episode I really wanted to explore some spiritual practices that can help us foster our faith in the busyness of our day-to-day stress. And so in order to do that, I brought on my father Timothy Smith. If you listened to Episode 3 on transitions, liminal space and discovering your passion, then you know my dad has been a guest on my podcast before.

My dad wears many hats: father, husband, pastor, chaplain, spiritual director, writer, professor, retreat director…and on and on the list goes. But when we recorded this episode he was out visiting and wearing I think one of his most favorite hats…grandpa. So while he was out here we sat down and explored 7 Spiritual Practices for Busy People:

  1. Daily God Hunt (aka The Greatest Priority)
  2. Palms Down, Palms Up
  3. Praying Scripture
  4. Prayer Walking
  5. Unplugging
  6. Imaginative Prayer
  7. Abba Prayer

These 7 practices are simple practices that anyone can begin using. Whether you are struggling spiritually, or are just looking for some news practices to foster your faith, I recommend you explore these 7 practices.

In this episode:

  • we discuss why Tim decided to write about these 7 spiritual practices and put them into a devotional guide.
  • we discuss why/how these spiritual practices can beneficial to one’s spiritual life.
  • we explore in depth each of the 7 spiritual practices.
  • we make recommendations for how to begin the practice of these spiritual exercises.

I also recorded this podcast episode on video. It was a pretty low-pro set-up, but hopefully you will enjoy both the audio podcast and the video.

Please listen and subscribe to my podcast in the following places, and then leave a comment letting me know what you liked about the show, or what guest you would like to hear from. Thank you so much for your support.



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