RSP7One of the issues that almost always comes up in my work with clients is the issue of forgiveness. It is the issue that often is not addressed, but the one that is most needed. So a few months ago when a pastor friend of mine asked me to come speak at his church’s marriage conference he gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to talk about. The obvious stuff came to mind instantly….communication….intimacy….sex….etc. So I thought about what I wanted to talk about for a few days and finally settled on the topic of forgiveness.

Why did I settle on this topic?

Because not only is it the one issue that I see in every counseling session (whether forgiveness is taking place or being withheld), but it’s something I need to work on more in my own life. So it’s not surprising I chose a topic that I most need to grow in.

I ended up giving this talk 2x in the course of 8 days. One time at the church marriage conference mentioned above, which took place at Preston Trail church in Frisco, TX. But I also gave the talk to the young adult/young married’s group at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX.

It’s a topic I loved researching, talking about…and learning more about how much it’s needed as an essential discipline in my own life.

I ended up doing this podcast by myself (which I plan to do every 4-6 podcasts that I record with guests). So I hope you enjoy.

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

I started the video of Miroslav Volf in my podcast at minute 6

The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

As for Me and My House by Walter Wangerin

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott

Forgive and Forget by Lewis Smedes

Scary Close by Donald Miller

Restoration Therapy by Terry Hargrave