index Back in the beginning of December, my friend Tyler Davis Jones mailed me a copy of Donald Miller’s new book Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy. Tyler picked it up at the Storyline Conference he attended. I was so thankful to get this great gift from him, and I plowed through the book in two days.

Scary Close contains all the essential elements that lead to one’s personal and relational transformation, and I found it to be a powerful book that speaks to how we grow as people. And ultimately, it reflected a lot of my own journey (so it resonated deeply), and it reflected a lot of the journeys that my clients take as I have the privilege to work with them.

But instead of writing on and on about it, I thought I would shoot for short videos about the book and how they impacted me…how they reflect a lot of the work I do…and how this book will impact you.