RSP EPISODE 4 About two years ago I came across Sarah Stanley online which led to a few email exchanges about running and health. And over the course of the last two years I have been both continually impressed and encouraged as I have watched her explore the outer limits of her abilities (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) through her ulta-running, all the while being fueled on a plant based diet.  And her running resume is impressive: 26 marathons, Boston qualifying, 7 50 mile races, and 4 100 mile races…and on and on and on. The intersection of running and food has been resonating with me the last couple of years and is the reason why I wanted to sit down with Sarah and interview her on my podcast.

As you will be able to tell from this interview, Sarah is full of life, and is passionate about so many things. I love that excitement and I love the message she brings at the intersection of our fitness, food and faith.

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In this podcast we will explore:

  • being born and growing up on one of the first certified organic farms in the country
  • her journey into running from her first 8k to qualifying for Boston to her first 50 and hundred mile races.
  • the importance of not only food, but what kind of food we put into our bodies.
  • the issues that she is passionate about such as food advocacy and justice issues.
  • the intersection of food and our faith and how they can’t be separated from one another.
  • her passion to empower church leaders to lead the way in promoting a healthier message around food, fitness and social justice issues.
  • her Live Freely curriculum


Resources Discussed in the Episode

Live Freely Workbook

Live Freely with Churches and Leaders


Connect with Sarah