RSP EPISODE 3My dad is an amazing guy. Besides being my father he has taken on many roles over the course of his life such as church planter, pastor, professor, prison chaplain, hospice chaplain, writer, teacher, speaker, spiritual director, radio show host…and co-founder of Water from Rock which is a non-profit ministry based in Scottsdale, AZ, and which provides weekly classes, workshops, retreats, Lenten and Advent devotionals and much, much more. So all that to say, my dad is incredibly wise and has a lot of important insight into some of the issues that we all at times find ourselves struggling with.

In this episode, my dad sits down with a couple of weeks after my 40th birthday as we explore the importance of how we navigate significant life transitions; what it means to discover our passion and how we can go about exploring that; as well as looking at the role of “letting go” in our journey through life so that we may more fully embrace the work of God in our lives.

We talk about and cover all kinds of topics in this episode, but a few of the key themes are:

  • some of the keys to transitioning through various stages of life
  • ways in which we can discover what we are passionate about
  • different spiritual exercises to help you connect with God
  • what it looks like to let go so you can open yourself up to embrace God’s work in your life

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Resources Discussed in the Show

Water from Rock (Website)

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The Living Room (Podcast/Radio Show)

Susan Howatch’s novel series on the Church of England — Starbrige Series

Transitions by William Bridges

Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer

Richard Rohr

The Five Minute Journal

Henri Nouwen