RSP Episode 2

What can I say about Marc Payan? He is someone who is hard to sum up in just a few words. I first came across Marc in the online marriage and relationship space. Though we first met online I began to occasionally see Marc in person and I have really been inspired by him.

Marc is probably best known now as the founder of Payan X which began with him helping a few people get in shape in his garage, and which now is a “movement” of thousands of people. Though it primarily involves fitness, it is more than that. It’s about life transformation in many areas such as leadership, relationships and community….and fitness is just one aspect of that. Here is a great article this last week in the Voice of the OC where they talk about Payan X.

But all of this began with Marc’s own personal transformation of losing close to 110lbs, becoming physically fit, and then leading a “tribe” of “warriors” that began with a few in his garage…and who are now helping transform the communities around them.

Marc has some great insight into about the importance of “working it out”, rather than working out. And about “what’s eating you”, rather than what you eat. And not about losing your weight, but about gaining health.

This interview is full of all kinds of great insight on how your health and fitness can transform not only you, but also your relationships. Marc has a great story of transformation that will inspire you.

  • change driven by guilt and shame versus sustainable transformation
  • looking at how some family of origin issues fuel our unhealthy behaviors around food
  • the importance of leadership and how to share that vision with others (“dreams are birthed in relationships with others)
  • creating space to allow others to collaborate and lead with you
  • the importance of the 3 R’s in transformation (relate, repeat, reframe)
  • essential keys to help  you  get unstuck
  • “fat dad vs. fit dad”

*I apologize that the sound is a bit rough in this interview. I recorded Marc on a phone call so the quality is not as high as I would like. But Marc has great content that you will love.

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Resources Discussed in the Show

Marc Payan (Twitter)

Marc Payan (Instagram)

Payan X (Website)

Payan X (Facebook)

Marc mentioned in the podcast a mutual friend of ours who has an awesome story of pursuing his passion. Tony Steward was one of the first (if not the first) online community pastors in the country at, and is now one of the founders and owners of Charley’s Bicycle Laboratory in Oklahoma City.

Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year Old Company That Changed the World by Chris Lowney

The Key to Success? Grit (Ted Talk) by Angela Duckworth