I love technology. Cue Napoleon Dynamite. Technology has helped me connect to some amazing people and transformed a lot of the way that I work, write, speak, etc. But technology has also come at a cost. Many times it has left me feeling more stressed out and anxious. And it has often…unfortunately, been a hindrance and caused issue with some of my most important relationships.

Often I find myself not very present with my wife or kids as I’m too busy getting a few photos taken and then uploading them to Instagram…all the while my family just wants to feel valued and important.

I’ve written about technology boundaries in a lot of different places before. So I won’t repeat that. You can always go look it up.

But I do want to share two technology tips with you that have transformed many of my relationships. And they are tips that I share with my clients and that they report have changed their relationships. I still have a long way to go, as I’m no expert at not letting technology distract me from being emotionally present with people. It’s a daily struggle. But with these two tips, you may find some help in your struggle.