One of the most important tools in helping anxiety is often one of the most underrated and underutilized. And that is breathing. And I think it’s often overlooked because we take breathing for granted. It’s something we do all day long without much thought. So the idea of having to practice breathing sounds crazy to many people.

But it’s interesting that the word for anxiety in Latin, “angere”, literally means “choking off” or “closing/shutting in.” When we experience anxiety it feels like we literally can’t breathe…and it feels like the walls around us are closing in on us. That’s how powerful it is.

So it’s not surprising that one of the first things we have to do to help with our anxiety is just to make sure that we are breathing.

In this short video I talk about a couple of different ways you can practice breathing. And if you practice these techniques, I believe you have found an important tool in helping with your anxiety.

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