hideawaysign1-300x224I wish couples would go to counseling on a regular basis as a part of their commitment to being intentional in their marriage.

I wish couples would go when their marriage was in a good spot, so that they can take it to an even greater spot.

But the reality is, in my professional opinion, is that couple’s often show up to counseling 3-4 years after they probably should have initially gone. 3-4 years. That’s a long time for things to regress, become very negative, and for the couple to drift very far apart from each other.

Sometimes couples come into therapy in such bad shape that they may not last going to weekly counseling over a period of 6-12 months in order to get their marriage to a better place.

But what has taken years to unravel will take as many years and more to mend.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.35.34 AMIn situations like this, I often refer couples to a marriage intensive. And the top choice for me is The Hideaway Experience in Amarillo, Texas. True, I have been on staff there for 4 years, so I might be bias. But I’m bias for a great reason. I have not witnessed a marriage intensive that more radically transforms a couple’s life than this one.

Their core principles of providing professional therapy, intensive marriage therapy in a group, hospitality, sequestered space, and prayerful action are not seen anywhere else in my opinion.

Just being on staff as a therapist has radically transformed me personally (in my marriage; in my parenting; in my friendships; in my relationship with God; and in my work as a therapist, especially with couples).

I have blogged briefly about the 4 day intensive here and about the intensive’s model and book here.

So if you find your marriage in dire straits…or you are actually wanting to be proactive and take a good marriage to great…then I highly recommend you going to one of their intensives.

I have worked with couples there…sent couples there…worked with couples in my private practice after they have attended one. And they all say the same thing also….”it has changed our life.”