“The average high school kid today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s.” (Dr. Richard Leahy — quoted by Mick Ukleja in the article 7 Thinking Patterns That Contribute to Anxiety)

Many of you know that I believe anxiety can be a great opportunity and catalyst for growth in our lives — in fact, I just recorded a short video about this yesterday.

But I also know that anxiety can have harmful and debilitating effects in our lives, especially if it is not addressed. Anxiety can work its way into our lives in many forms, whether it be emotional, cognitive, psychological, spiritual, etc.

I like how Mick Ukleja talks about 7 Thinking Patterns That Contribute To Anxiety

  1. Absolute Thinking
  2. Downplaying the Positive
  3. Leaping to Conclusions
  4. Fortune Telling
  5. Emotional Reasoning
  6. “Should’s” and “Must’s”
  7. Filtering Information


Which of the 7 thinking patterns do you find yourself often struggling with in terms of your anxiety?

I think I’m a “should’s” and “must’s” guy. In fact, my therapist identified that years ago and really helped me work on that.