Are you a ‘life-giving’ man?

That is a question that I am often asked. It’s a term that I began to talk about in my last book, What it Means to be a Man.

But I’ve begun to explore it more fully in the last 6 months and it is the focus of my online program for men. I’ve learned a lot, and the 6 men who just finished my course taught me a lot.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘life-giving’ man then think about joining my next group of men going through the course from April 8, 2014–June 6, 2014. I’m taking 6-8 men into this next course and I have 2 spots left open.

You can learn more about this program by contacting me, or by checking out my last two webinars.

Last week I talked about “Taking Steps to Becoming the ‘Life-Giving’ Man That You and Others Deserve” — you can watch and listen to that entire presentation below (this video is no longer available). If you do, you will understand more fully about what a ‘life-giving’ man looks like, as well as discovering some practical steps you can immediately take in your life to move in that direction.

And then last night I held a live webinar chat, “Becoming a ‘Life-Giving’ Man” — taking questions from the viewers on the webinar, Facebook and Twitter. (This video is no longer available).

Don’t wait to become a ‘life-giving’ man! Your marriage and family need that. Your friends and co-workers need that. You need that.

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