Several weeks ago I started a video series on my new book, What it Means to be a Man: God’s Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes. I began with an introduction to the book, and today I talk about Chapter 1: Archetypes — The Making of Men.

In this video I talk about the four male archetypes most often talked about in literature and seen in our culture. They are the:

  • King
  • Warrior
  • Sage
  • Lover

It didn’t matter if the source was Christian or secular, these four archetypes emerged time and time again.

Which male archetype do you most try and define your life by?

What if God wanted you to define your masculinity not by an archetype, but by your relationship with Him?

As I will write in the book, men are not defined by whether or not they fit into some culturally defined archetype, but rather by their relationship with Jesus Christ. But I begin the book talking about this subject because I think it helps men find a reference point for how they may currently be defining their masculinity, or what archetypes they feel the pressure to be most like.