“When a father tells a child that he can do something, he can do it. I don’t know why that is, except to say that there is some mysterious energy that passes from the male to his children. It is some sort of creative energy that can make things be when they are not, and without which things cannot come to be. When male energy is absent, creation does not happen, either in the human soul or in the world. Nurturance happens, support and love perhaps, but not that new ‘creation out of nothing’ that is the unique prerogative associated with the masculine side of God…Without the father’s energy, there is a void, an emptiness in the soul which nothing but that kind of energy can fill. I have seen it in too many people, men especially. It is a hollow yearning that feeds on praise incessantly and is never satisfied. It is a black hole that sucks in reward after reward and is never brightened by it. It becomes a nesting place of demons–of self-doubt, fear, mistrust, cynicism and rage. And it becomes the place from which those demons fly out to devour others. (The Wild Man’s Journey: Reflection’s on Male SpiritualityRichard Rohr)