Last Friday I briefly touched on the topic of self-care because I think it is a super important issue. I know that in my work just as a marriage and family therapist, that one of the main issues that keeps couples in an endless loop of conflict is their inability to regulate their emotions — and usually behind that is an inability to properly foster core areas of self-care in their lives. That’s just one area that I see the lack of self-care wreaking havoc in people’s lives.

But a lot of people don’t know what self-care is or how to even begin fostering it.

I will dive into this a bit deeper this week, but I do want to highlight a podcast that I have really been enjoying because it’s one of the few conversations I find taking place where a holistic approach to self-care it discussed and encouraged.

The podcast is the Rich Roll podcast.

Who is Rich Roll? In short, entertainment lawyer turned ultra athlete, and the author of Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself. Check out the book trailer below:

Rich has on fascinating guests that cover a wide array of topics such as health and wellness, athletics and performance, to creativity and spirituality. No matter what your beliefs are on diet, exercise, creativity or faith — I think that you will find the podcast to be an encouraging conversation.

How we take care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives is crucial not only for our own life, but for the people around us. When we fail to foster self-care in our own lives, we fail to be a life-giving source to the most important people in our lives — sucking it away from others rather than giving it.