Back in December I was laid up in bed sick for a few days. And while in bed I decided to watch a few documentaries on Netflix. There were so many options to choose from and I couldn’t decide. But I remember someone on Twitter or Facebook mentioning that if you work with youth you should watch the skateboard documentary on the Bones Brigade. They specifically said something to the effect — it’s a great look at the developing identity of youth.

So that’s what I did — and since I grew up skating in the 80’s it was a fun and reminiscent look back at a part of my life that I loved.

So I watched Bones Brigade: An Autobiography with enthusiasm — and I loved it. So much so that I asked my wife and kids for a skateboard for my 38th birthday in January. And I’ve been skating and loving it.

Back to the point…..

During the autobiography I was so entranced with one skater in particular. Not only his skills, but what he was saying about creativity and community. His name is Rodney Mullen.

And even though I remember his name and board from back in my skate days I began to wonder what he was doing now.

And then I came across this TED talk of his. Powerful stuff. How context shapes content: Rodney Mullen at TEDxUSC

If you are part of a community — all of us I hope. Then I think this is an important talk to watch, especially what he has to say beginning around the 12:00 minute mark where he makes the following statement:

“we contribute back to the community the inner way that edifies the community itself.”

Watch this powerful talk for yourself and I know you will begin to automatically begin thinking about your own community and the role of creativity and contribution.