A little over two and half years ago I had the opportunity to travel over to Haiti on an amazing team that had been put together by Adventures in Missions. Our job was to blog daily and tell the stories of the Haitian people that we had met. But behind the scenes, putting that all together into a cohesive story was Jeff Goins.

At the time I had no idea that this person I barely knew online, was not only an amazing and gifted writer, but someone I would have the opportunity to develop a friendship with and meet in person.

Why would that be important?

Because the passionate writer and voice that gave life to the new book Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life, is the exact same guy in person…a passionate guy who loves to tell stories and encourage others to transform their lives. As a reader that is important to me. I want to know that the person who wrote the book has not only lived the stories they tell, but that they are as excited to communicate their message to others so that they too can change their lives.

After spending a day with Jeff a few weeks ago at the ECHO Conference I walked away encouraged and motivated through my interaction with him. And it is that same guy you find through all the pages of his book Wrecked. A book that I endorsed with the following words after reading it prior to its release:

“Wrecked is one of those books that had me continually saying yes under my breath. Jeff is a great writer whose engaging storytelling resonated deeply with me at every turn of the page. He was able to put in 150 pages the transformational journey we wrestle with early in life. As a therapist and pastor, this is exactly the type of book I can’t wait to put in the hands of the people I counsel and minister to.”

If you have not yet read Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life, I recommend that you pick it up. You will find an encouraging companion that will not only challenge you in your life, but that will be a constant guide as you wade through the choices and transitions.

I would also encourage you to connect with Jeff online at his blog (which I read everyday), www.goinswriter.com, which has been a great resource and encouragement to me as a writer. You can also connect with him at Twitter. Last, check out his site for the book, Wrecked. Right now you will see an amazing deal of $0.99 for the eBook.

Thanks Jeff for writing this book. It has been a great inspiration to me.