If you find me talking about something a lot then that means I’m a huge believer in it.

And you would be hard pressed to find me talking more about something this last year than The Hideaway Marriage Experience and 5 Days to a New Marriage.

I blogged about my first experience at The Hideaway in November of last year. Since that first trip last year I have returned 3 more times as a co-therapist and have now gone on staff as one of the therapists. On top of that, their new book 5 Days to a New Marriage has been released (this month).

No experience has more fundamentally changed my marriage than my time at The Hideaway (and I haven’t even gone with my wife yet since I’m always doing therapy). That’s how powerful the experience is. Heather and I have been working through the book together and we have come to a new place in our marriage where it’s not just about having a good marriage, but a great marriage that is continually growing and thriving. But it’s the model developed at The Hideaway (by Shawn Stoever and Terry Hargrave) and presented in the book that has helped Heather and I understand each other in new ways.

I’m going to be spending some time over the next couple of months writing more about the experience at The Hideaway as well as talking about the model that is presented in the book. I believe that both have the power to change your marriage in amazing ways.

If you are interested in having me present a marriage workshop based on the 5 Days to a New Marriage book, or you are interested in having me train your staff or lay leaders in the model, then please let me know.

I have used a lot of marriage books, models, and tools during my time as a pastor and therapist, but I have found NOTHING as good as what they have developed here.

So don’t wait to transform your marriage.

Start today by attending a marriage intensive, picking up the book, or having me come out and lead a marriage workshop.

Your marriage is worth it.