I have been blown away in the last six months by the transforming power of marriage therapy in an intensive setting. Especially in a group setting.

I wrote at length about The Hideaway Experience on my blog back in November, The Hideaway Marriage Intensive: 4 Days, 4 Couples, 2 Therapists, and Transformed Marriages.

Couples achieve in four days of intensive marital therapy what can often take many, many months in a weekly therapy setting.

Maybe it feels like your marriage has been lifeless, and you are concerned about the disconnect between you and your partner.

Maybe you feel your marriage slipping away and heading in the wrong direction.

Maybe you have a good marriage, but want it to be great.

If you feel your marriage needs help, a marriage intensive is just one of many options (counseling, therapy, enrichment weekends, etc.) to look at. But don’t wait. Your marriage is worth the investment you put into it.