I experienced lots of emotions during our time in Haiti. It felt like a roller coaster ride, and at one moment I was on the mountain top experiencing wonderful feelings of joy, and the next moment I was plummeted to the valley and felt despair.

It was up and down the entire time, and it has felt much that way since I have been home. This trip will take a lifetime to process, and I hope that it will continue to transform me. I hope that I continue to wrestle with what I experienced.

Destruction. Praise. Redemption.

Those are just three adjectives that I have been swirling around in my mind the entire time. Though you could not be physically present with us on the trip, I know many of you were there in spirit, and through your prayers.

I want to leave you with three videos that have resonated with me the most and I hope that they can move you to action.


(The Drive through Port au Prince video by Adam McLane)


(Haitian worship service video by Lars Rood)


(Redemption video by Ian Robertson)