Here is an amazing opportunity that our church, HPPC, along with some other churches are putting on for people this weekend in Dallas. I hope to see you there.

“For youth pastors, volunteer leaders, and parents, When Kids Hurt challenges caring adults to help self-protective teenagers who are struggling to make the transition to adulthood in the midst of fractured families, an increasingly competitive and fast-paced society, and ambiguous moral guidelines.

When Kids Hurt challenges and empowers adults to understand kids and move toward them in ways that can help them grow and become the kinds of adults our world needs to survive and thrive. “It is our hope and prayer that When Kids Hurt can help leaders and pastors understand what adolescents are going through and be more loving and helpful in the ways they relate to the young men and women in the world,” say Clark and Rabey.”

Chap Clark “When Kids Hurt Conference”
Saturday, October 3rd, 9:00am-3:30am
Fellowship Bible Church, Dallas, TX

The Conference is Now Free!!!
Due to the overwhelming support of several church ministries in the DFW metroplex the cost of the conference has been completely underwritten.