Cultivate logo_Oct 27-1Tony Steward and I are super excited to be facilitating a conversation at the Cultivate Conference this upcoming Tuesday in Chicago.

Ever since we were asked to facilitate jointly at the conference we have been discussing what would be the most beneficial conversation we could be a part of. What experience and skills could we both bring to the table?

In the end, this is what we have landed on…

Finding Our End // Communicating in the social web brings relationships with it. How do we care for those relationships in our limitations while continuing to effectively communicate?

As we work online, where do our social/pastoral responsibilities begin
and end, while caring for ourselves and our families?

Tony is obviously an important voice in this area as he brings his expertise from his role as the online campus pastor for And I hope to bring my experience as a pastor and therapist to the discussion, and how actually some of the online volunteer work I have done for has generated new ways of thinking about our roles and responsibilities online.

We hope to see you there…