Morse Code-LenoThe funniest movie is here. Find it

I was watching this video (which is a few years old), and a couple of thoughts came to mind:

  1. I was thinking about how quickly we are to announce the arrival of the latest, and the best new technology. Whether it be the iPhone, Twitter…whatever-you name it.
  2. We automatically assume that the latest is the greatest.
  3. And…who really cares which is faster.  Does it matter?

This all leads me to thinking about the tagline on John Dyer’s blog, Don’t Eat the Fruit

Technology is Fast, but Redemption is Slow.

Why? Because after the 4th of July weekend I will be heading into a new blogging series, which will basically be a re-evaluation of our engagement in social media/technology, and some of the necessary habits that I think must developed if we are going to find a balance between our use and non-use of technology.  Lots of people are asking questions around this topic, the latest being John Dyer’s post, Using Technology without Technology Using You: Got Any Tips?  Stop by John’s post and lend him your thoughts for a workshop he will be teaching.

And starting next week, look for a series of posts on the topic of fostering a social media/technology rhythm.