For lack of a better metaphor, therapy has often seemed to be this “underground entity”, where at times it can be quite difficult to find a therapist. You look online and most therapists seem to not only not have a website, but finding an email address or some form of contact with them can be downright difficult. Many people end up finding a therapist through word of mouth which is a great form of contact, but I am often confused at why more therapists don’t make themselves more available online? Maybe they are concerned with boundaries. Maybe it’s too much work. Maybe it’s a scary place to venture forth.

By making themselves available online, I’m not saying therapists have to do web chats, or video mail, etc. I’m just saying it would be nice to find more of them having an “online landing place” like a webpage where they can be more easily found…even if one just needs the simple facts. Address. Fees. Phone number. Et cetera.

If you are a therapist, why do you not put more of yourself online?

And if you aren’t a therapist, but have gone to therapy, or are considering it…what things would you like a therapist to put online? What things would be beneficial to you as the client?