If you have been visiting this blog I really appreciate it. But you may also know that I haven’t been spending much time blogging on this site as I’ve been pretty slow to get into gear. But I have been spending some time reflecting, trying to figure out what would be the most beneficial for my blogging audience.

So I have determined that over the next 100 days (beginning Thursday, June 25), I’m going to be bringing you 100 posts on the topic of marriage and family therapy. What do I mean by that? Well, basically, if it has to do with something in the area of marriage, family, relationships, and the topics that are important to you…I will be blogging about it. Some of my posts will be by way of introducing you to new areas in this field of study…some will be covering topics you have probably spent some time studying yourself. I will suggest some books, resources…how to find a therapist..et cetera.

So 100 blog posts in 100 days.

So here’s a sample of some of the topics I will be covering:

  1. Social media & technology in the field of therapy
  2. Parenting
  3. Marriage
  4. Communication
  5. Generation Y/F–Millenials
  6. Emerging Adulthood
  7. Adolescents
  8. Sex
  9. Divorce
  10. Depression & anxiety
  11. Drugs & alcohol
  12. College Life
  13. Finding a therapist
  14. Stigmas in therapy
  15. Family systems
  16. Genograms
  17. Vocation
  18. Spirituality
  19. Types of Counseling/Therapy
  20. Fear
  21. Pornography
  22. Etc, etc, etc.

If you see a topic you like, let me know in the comment section.  Otherwise, feel free to let me know what I’m not covering and I should

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I hope you will join me on this journey.