The last couple of weeks I had several posts on the issue of bivocational pastors/ministry. Two written by me, and one by Jon Sampson. It was a topic that has been on my mind for a while and you can read them below. And to everyone who commented, I’m still getting around to all of your comments….I really appreciate the stuff you wrote, and it made me think through a lot of things. So I’m planning to get through them all this weekend and hopefully leave some good feedback.

Bivocational Pastors: Are You One?

Bivocational Pastors Continued: Two Statements

Why Bivocational? 6 Reasons Why by Jon Sampson.

I was just going to close by saying this. I think that there are many different models of doing ministry, pastoring a church, etc. I don’t think one is more important than the other…or the right way. Volunteer, part-time, full-time…the Church needs them all. House church, small church, megachurch…the Church needs them all.

I’m learning along the journey that there are just models that I gravitate towards…that I feel most at home in…and that feel theologically accurate with my beliefs. But that doesn’t mean that other ways and models are not correct.

I just happen to be at this specific stage of the journey (thinking about bivocational ministry, new models of church, etc.), and you might be at another stage. But I hope along our journeys we can interact, learn and grow from one another.