why-twitter-imageI had the privilege to write an article for Collide Magazine for their March/April 2009 issue, and of course I wrote it on the topic of Twitter. But more specifically, my view on how Twitter is a shaping/sharing/telling of our narrative, one tweet at a time, to those we are in connection with. I began by saying:

“working on my blog,” was the first tweet (Twitter slang for an update) I typed out on the mircoblogging tool Twitter on December 9, 2007. In fact, I remember clearly where I sat in our home at that moment and what thoughts of curiosity, hesitancy, and narcissism ran through my head as I posted those simple little words. It doesn’t seem like much does it? In fact, I used only 18 of the allotted 140 characters, unsure if anything I had to say was worthwhile at all. I had two questions for myself: Who is going to read this? Who cares? In and of itself, one tweet is just that: one tweet. But in the context of all the tweets that compose my growing Twitter profile, a more complex portrait of my life began to emerge, forming a narrative that is the beginning to a relational connectivity with others online, (and most likely in person) that is easier to achieve than it was before.

I also list at the end of the article six reasons why I think pastors should Twitter (relationships, communication, frequency, sharing, mobilization, support).

My title for the magazine edition was “Why Twitter? Shaping Our Narrative One Tweet at a Time,” but you can read the entire article online, “Why Tweet?”