05064-large-funnelSo how do you make decisions when there are so many choices out there?

This is the question I have been wondering a lot about. When you are presented with various opportunities, how do you determine if your choice is the right one?

I’ve been thinking about this primarily in a vocational context because I am someone who has a lot of varied interests, like many of you that I know. I love ministry, theology, leadership issues, social media, new technologies, therapy, writing, etc.

So for me, for example, I’ve been viewing my choices as if through a funnel….follow me for a minute.

If I put this option down the funnel, when it gets to the bottom, after being siffed through the ever thinning funnel, will it bring me closer to what my end goal is, or does it take away?

So if my goal is to be a therapist, but I keep attending conferences on ministry, it seems that I’m missing the mark…or vice-versa.

So recently, I have been deciding to say no to opportunities that don’t align with three major passions:

  1. To be a great therapist
  2. To develop great leadership skills in the church/ministry
  3. To learn and utilize new technologies/social media in the theory and practice of therapy and ministry.

Those are three areas that I’m passionate about, and have to ask the question if my decision leads me to those.

How are you making wise decisions that help you align with your vocational goals among all the choices and opportunities presented to you?