twitter_logo_headerFor those of you that read my other writings online, you know that I love Twitter. I think it’s an absolutely amazing tool that I think has the ability to help us connect with others in some meaningful ways.

And Twitter is not just about connecting online, but it’s about connecting offline.

Twitter can be a great catalyst for enhancing present relationships, and that’s why I highly recommend that you read Simple Marriage’s blog post How Twitter May Tweak Your Relationships. They do a great job of really capturing some unique ways that Twitter can “tweak” your relationships in a great way.

  1. Focus on what’s important.
  2. Stay connected throughout the day.
  3. Team parenting as a way to grow closer.
  4. Collaborate with other parent’s/couples.

Great post, so go over and check it out, and hopefully you will check out the Simple Marriage blog more often as they post great stuff.