(Usually this series posts on Friday, but because of Easter weekend, I have posted early for tomorrow’s reflection)

jesse_colorsI first had the opportunity to meet Jesse Phillips this last January when he was in town for the Innovation3 Gathering in Dallas. He, Scott McClellan and I went to White Rock Coffee to chat, and it was one of those great conversations about the Church, ministry, culture, etc, that we all finally had to decide it was time to get back to the office for work. In fact, Scott sent out this tweet shortly after..haaaa.

I’ve had a great day hanging out with @jessephillips from Catalyst and @rhetter. Over a cup of coffee we fixed the church. Patent pending.

Jesse works for Catalyst where he is their “Special Projects Ninja and editor of Catalyst Monthly.”

Jesse is an awesome dude who is very passionate about serving God…that is obvious and comes across in the way that he serves, and in the way he interacts and warmly engages those around him. I love what Catalyst is about and I’m excited that they have someone on board like Jesse.

In His Own Words

What are you really passionate about?

I’m passionate about reforming the Church. Through my experiences in
discipleship programs, interning at a couple churches, and doing street
evangelism – I’ve met lots of outsiders who totally miss the message of
the gospel because they have a hard time looking past the terrible
reputation of Christians.

I desire so strongly that the Church would be known for our love, for
serving, for helping the poor, for self-sacrifice and generosity. I
believe if we were more like Christ, if we lived the Gospel, outsiders
would take the time to truly listen to the message of the Gospel and our
outreach efforts would improve 1 Million Percent.

How does what you are doing vocationally or volunteer wise serve that passion?

I edit Catalyst Monthly, our e-magazine, which allows me to hilight and
suggest articles or authors that are challenging the Church to be more
biblical, united, loving, etc. Also, I manage our blog and twitter so
I’m able to mention and share about the leaders who are reforming the

Volunteer wise, I’m not doing much =(. However, I’m thinking about
starting a small church that meets at Starbucks and every week takes the
tithes and goes out and helps someone in need. Just an idea.

How can those around you (friends, online community, etc.) best support you?

Sweet! That would be awesome. Really easy (er, simple, but hard – not
easy): love one another. Consider others better than yourselves.
Question what you’re doing at your church, why you’re doing it, and what
is your scriptural basis for it?

Anything else we should know about this passion?

Yes, my passion is to reform the Church in America and I believe that
reform must be partly in the systems and structures of the Church. As
Andy Stanley has brilliantly said, “Preaching does not create behaviors,
Systems create behaviors.” I believe our systems are broken and fixing
the problems of the Church will require addressing the systems and
structures we wrongly perceive to be dictated to us from God.

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