Asking whether or not online community is real community is really not even a good question, or the right question in my opinion, but it’s one that everyone seems to be asking.  Lots of people have already answered that question but many are continuing to wrestle with it.

I think online community is real community, and just by the fact that we are having that conversation, or asking that question tells me it does exist, otherwise it would be a moot point.

Now sure, we could go on from there and talk about what kind of community it is I suppose, but I believe it’s community.

This conversation recently was stirred up by Shane Hipps interview at National Pastor’s Convention where he says virtual community is virtual, but not community. Anne Jackson says it’s connection, not community. And Scot McKnight says it isn’t that simple to answer.

Tell us what you think: Is Online Community, Real Community? Why? Why Not?