Over the weekend my wife and I spent about an hour or so explaining Twitter to a couple of our friends. He is a youth minister and I was explaining not only what Twitter was, but how it might be beneficial to his ministry.

The “this seems crazy” or “I’m totally out of the loop” stares went eventually to some basic understanding of how it works and how it might be beneficial. I’m pretty sure he is sold and will be using it soon.

It’s hard to explain Twitter in a few bullet points (or maybe that’s just me). I prefer to use narrative (tell a story of how it was used effectively) to make my point.

I think that’s why this video makes me laugh so much…because all of us who use Twitter know how effective a tool it is and just how fun it can also be. But if we are honest with ourselves, it takes a bit of time and practice to get the hang of it.

Twitter is a participatory online/social media tool that one can only grasp if they are using it…and for everyone else…well, we just look crazy.

In 140 Characters or less, how would you explain Twitter to someone in your own/original words?

This is still the best explanation in my opinion…not 140 characters, but effective.