21dpppnebcl_sl500_aa160_Recently I have been listening to the audio version of the David Snarch’s book Passionate Marriage: Sex, Love, and Intimacy in Emotionally-Committed Relationships.

One of the things that he says in the lecture is (and I’m restating in my own words):

That in order for a person to grow, they must step into their anxiety.  That it is in confronting our anxiety, rather than seeking comfort and security that we achieve growth as a person.

Last week I asked the question, “What Keeps You Centered?”, wondering what it is that helps keep you grounded/centered/balanced when dealing with anxiety…knowing that we all deal with anxiety and stress in our lives.

But a different question is:

Do you step into your anxiety?

Do you try things that stir up your anxiety in order for you to grow?

Or do you seek comfort and security, rather than risk the realities of facing your anxiety?


  1. Share a time when you stepped into your anxiety, knowing it was an opportunity for growth?
  2. What were you feeling and thinking at the time?
  3. Did you see it as an opportunity for growth, or just something you know you should do?

Though Snarch is looking at stepping into one’s anxiety in the context of marriage, sex and family, it can be said that for any of us to grow we must do the same.

There is more to be said on this issue and where Snarch is going with this topic, but for now, I will leave it at this.