A few weeks back I posted “Taking Online Community Offline:” What I’m Doing About It And My 2009 Goal. Since I posted that, and since 2009 has rolled around it’s quite amazing how many opportunities I’ve already had to connect in person with the people I’m friends with online.

And it just so happens that January is a great month for me to continue to meet these people.

So here are two opportunities for you as well:

ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas Website

ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas Registration

The Twitter and Blog tag for this event is:

Connect, Network and Collaborate are just three of the things that I hope to do at the Innovation3 Gathering in Dallas, TX on January 27-28.

The event is put on by Leadership Network and is host to a plethora of speakers in just two days. Leadership Network says this about the conference:

I will be one of the live bloggers along with Carlos Whitaker and Cynthia Ware at the event so I hope that we all can have an opportunity to meet and connect with one another.

In the meantime, peruse the website to get a look at all the speakers that are presenting.

Also, check out the Innovation3 blog.