img00350Today was a great day. As always, the highlight for me was meeting a lot of people–those that I know only online, and some that are new faces. By the end of the day I was super energized as well as exhausted. It was connecting on steroids.

There is lots of great content out there from the event online, so I’m not going to recap the entire event today, but just a few things that stood out for me.  Some of these are quirky, but they are things I have been thinking about today.

  1. I thought DJ Chuang and the Leadership Network team did an amazing job putting on this event.
  2. This was the first conference that I have ever been to that hands you a flash drive to keep that has all the speaker’s notes on it.
  3. Camron Ware’s lighting design was amazing.
  4. The opening session on failure had a wonderful diversity of personalities speaking.  Loved it.
  5. I learned a lot from Anne Jackson’s session on burnout.  Anne in “real life” is who she is on her blog. Awesome!
  6. The Catalyst Team is awesome.  Had great time chatting and hanging out with them.
  7. People desire conversation and collaboration more than ever. Want to work together not just be talked at.
  8. For the world to be transformed, the Church must rely on the totality of it’s “body” not just individual members.
  9. People want to know what you are passionate about.  Do you have an answer to that question?
  10. Jesus has gifted each of us uniquely, therefore, are we being good stewards of those gifts.  Are you?

Those are a mixture of some random thoughts, things I have been wrestling with, and some observations–all from today.

Connecting Tomorrow

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  I loved the Cover It Live blogging tool I used for today’s events, but I thought for tomorrow I would steer you in a couple of different directions.  I will post a couple of more formal blogs, but I want to provide to you some great online live resources as well.

  1. Tony Morgan has been doing a great job of live blogging. Check out his site tomorrow.
  2. Check out Tweet Chat.  Log in and join the i3 room and follow all of the Tweets at the event.  Awesome tool.
  3. Watching live streaming video and sessions at the Innovation3 Gathering live site. Watch-Chat-Tweet.

Those are just a few great ways to stay in touch all day long and get a large perspective with what is going on.  With over 100 speakers in a day and a half, it’s like drinking water through a fire hose–which is impossible.  So I would think.

And then check back into my blog at intervals (I will tweet about it) to see some posts on some specific thoughts, experiences from the event.