I’m writing this post on Thursday, January 1, 2009. It’s a New Year which typically means we hope in anticipation for a great year…that our dreams, desires, goals…that all these things can be achieved.

I will be posting a more thorough blog on this topic come next week (after a little bit of blog redesign), but here are a couple of major themes that have been running through my mind, and that I want to incorporate into this New Year. You will notice how they are all somewhat interrelated as well.

  1. Less is More. Or as Tony Steward put it, Doing Less Better. These last couple of years have been ones of juggling too many things…I feel as if I’m in a constant state of trying to keep the things that I’m juggling from hitting the ground.  That is not a good feeling.

  2. Pruning.  I love John 15, and I think that if I’m going to bear “more fruit” in my life, I need to start pruning…letting go of some things.

  3. Focus. It’s hard to focus on things when my attention is scattered in so many different directions.  There are 1-2 things that I want to devote most of my attention to this year.

  4. Cut Out Distractions.  What are those things in my life that distract me.   I have given serious consideration to those and will be cutting aka “pruning” some of those things out of my life.

  5. Online Translates Into Offline. I’ve written about this already here, and will continue to do so.

In the coming weeks I will explore more of what these things mean specifically, and in what ways I hope to achieve them.

But for now, does the need for any of these things in your own life resonate with you?